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Myokinesthetic System(MYK) A fresh approach to pain relief.

Myo = muscle   Kinesthetic = movement

MYK has shown to help with:

Plantar fasciitis, Neck pain, Back pain, Limited range of motion due to surgery or injury, Headaches: tension, migraine, hormonal, cluster, Sciatica, RSD, Shoulder problems: Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, bursitis, impingement, post surgery, Carpal tunnel symptoms, Tennis/Golfers elbow, Neuropathy/numbness, Hip and other joint problems, Altered tone due to CVA/Stroke pain, and much more!

The pain you experience can be from your nervous system being out of balance. With MYK I can tell where your nervous system is out of balance by looking at your posture.  "Posture is the outward expression of the nervous system."

"By balancing the posture, we balance the nervous system. When the nervous system is balanced, the body begins to work the way it's suppose to work with range of motion increasing and pain decreasing."

-Michael Uriarte D.C.




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